The Lufthansa projects

Lufthansa offers the highest standards of quality – the same can be said of the selection of climate protection projects that it offers. Both selected projects in the portfolio ars already registered under the Gold Standard. The Gold Standard is an independently managed label, provided to honour superior climate protection project standards, and the emission reduction certificates that are generated from them. The integrity of these projects, with regard to the environmental balance and sustainable development, is of the greatest importance.

The selected projects do not only reduce climate-impacting emissions. They additionally contribute to sustainable development in the project regions.

myclimate guarantees its clients that emission reductions that have been bought (= offset payment donations) are realised in climate protection projects within two years and retired at the latest after three years (energy projects) Furthermore - as a non-profit foundation, myclimate guarantees that at least 80 percent of offset payments will be put toward climate protection projects.

Solar Lighting in rural Ethiopia

The installation of photovoltaic cells on the roofs of Ethiopian houses for electricity production gives families access to lighting and improves the livelihoods of people living in the rural regions of Ethiopia. The use of solar lighting instead of kerosene lamps has positive effects on people’s health and leads to reductions of greenhouse gas emissions.


Energy-efficient Cook Stoves for Siaya Communities, Kenya

This project promotes energy efficient cook stoves for rural communities in the Siaya County in Nyanza Province, Western Kenya. Households in the project area use a traditional three-stone fireplace for cooking and thereby burn large amounts of fuel wood in a very inefficient way, which has a decisive impact on deforestation in the region.